Mary WoodhullPlayed by Meegan Warner


Mary’s life revolves around her family, relying on Abe to provide and protect for her and their son, Thomas. In season one, she felt her husband pulling further and further away from her and believed his attention was focused on Anna Strong. Mary realized the truth was far more dangerous when she discovered Abe’s hidden codebook and pistol. While confronting Abe with her discovery, their argument was overheard by Baker, the Redcoat who lived with them and a man whom Mary regarded highly. When Abe was forced to kill Baker, Mary showed that she is no wilting flower and calmly plotted out a plan to cover up the murder. After burning down their house and blaming it, along with Baker’s death, on the patriots, Abe and Mary are forced to move back in with Abe’s father, something Mary had wanted all along. Knowing the truth about Abe, Mary now holds a major chip in the game.

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