John Graves SimcoePlayed by Samuel Roukin


John Graves Simcoe is a born attack dog who harbors an intense dislike for most colonists, especially Abe. He holds a deep infatuation for Anna that is both menacing and disturbing. A skilled fighter and true believer in the British cause, Simcoe is as crafty as he is dangerous. After suffering under the harsh interrogation of Ben Tallmadge, Simcoe was released back to the British in a prisoner exchange. Returning to Setauket, he engaged in a dramatic duel with Abe in an attempt to claim Anna as his own. Ultimately, Simcoe engineered a conspiracy designed as retribution against the families of Ben and Caleb. When his plan is foiled by Ben’s raid, a furious Simcoe executes Caleb’s uncle at point blank range, forcing a horrified Hewlett to have him arrested and gagged.