Anna StrongPlayed by Heather Lind


A smart, headstrong woman, Anna has a complicated past with Abe, her former fiancé. Despite their history, they worked together to pass along crucial information to George Washington and the Continental Army, strengthening their own bond in the process. Believing her husband, Selah, was dead, Abe and Anna re-consummated their love, but soon learned they were mistaken when Selah returned to town with the Patriots during the Battle of Setauket. At the end of Season 1, Anna was faced with the choice of leaving with Selah and the other Patriots during the retreat or giving up everything to stay behind. Anna jumped from her boat and swam back to Setauket, securing her status as a Loyalist in the eyes of Major Hewlett and the other soldiers in town, and providing her with crucial access to continue her work with Abe and the Culper Ring.

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