Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull

Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull

Abe is a young farmer from Setauket who gets pulled into the Revolutionary War against his will.

Seth Numrich as Ben Tallmadge

Seth Numrich as Ben Tallmadge

Ben is a childhood friend of Abe’s and a Continental Dragoon in Washington’s army.

Heather Lind as Anna Strong

Heather Lind as Anna Strong

Anna is Abe’s former fiancée and has been friends with Abe, Ben, and Caleb since childhood.

Daniel Henshall as Caleb Brewster


Caleb is a Patriot courier who has known Abe since childhood.

Kevin McNally as Richard Woodhull


Richard is Abe’s father and the local magistrate of Setauket.

Burn Gorman as Major Hewlett


Major Hewlett is the prideful and paranoid commander of the British garrison in Setauket.

Samuel Roukin as John Graves Simcoe


Simcoe is a soldier in His Majesty’s Army serving under Major Hewlett’s command in Setauket.

JJ Feild as John Andre


Major André is the experienced and cunning head of British Intelligence.

Meegan Warner as Mary Woodhull


Mary is Abe’s wife and the mother of their one-year-old son, Thomas.

Angus MacFadyen as Robert Rogers


Rogers is the wild card mercenary leader of the Queen’s Rangers.