TyreesePlayed by Chad L. Coleman


Tyreese and his sister Sasha were fleeing an overrun camp in Jacksonville when they stumbled onto the prison. Although Rick initially chased them away in a fit of madness, they were eventually welcomed back into the prison community along with the survivors of Woodbury.

Tyreese proves himself a capable soldier but also a kind and thoughtful member of the community, expressing distaste at the systematic slaughter of walkers at the prison fence. "When they're comin' at you, out there, it's different," he tells his girlfriend Karen — also a Woodbury survivor. "Face to face… I just want to do something else to help out."

Despite his inherent kindness, Tyreese has a violent temper. When Karen is murdered in an attempt to prevent a deadly virus from spreading throughout the prison, Tyreese demands that Rick find whoever is responsible. "You bring them to me," he rages. Rick argues that saving lives is the immediate priority, angering Tyreese further and triggering a fist-fight.

Tyreese then stands guard at the entrance to the sick ward — lest the killer strike again. He eventually abandons his post when Sasha falls ill and he joins a team on a mission to retrieve medication from a veterinary college. En route, he remains nearly catatonic over Karen's loss, even as a herd of walkers surrounds him. Snapping out of his stupor, he maniacally hacks at the herd with his hammer until he escapes.

Afterwards, Michonne chides Tyreese for letting his anger get the better of him. "Aren't you still angry about the Governor?" Tyreese points out. "I was," Michonne states.

The Governor eventually returns to attack the prison. In the aftermath, Tyreese flees with Lizzie, Mika and Judith. On the road, they run into Carol, who says she was on her way back from a supply run when she saw the massacre. They decide to head to Terminus, where road signs promise "Sanctuary for All."

The group eventually stumbles upon an isolated house in a pecan grove. Tyreese suggests that they live there instead of going to Terminus. "I trust you," he tells Carol, admitting he's not ready to be with other people yet. Tyreese says he's haunted by nightmares of Karen and the person who killed her.

That person, it turns out, is Carol — a fact Tyreese learns following the deaths of Lizzie and Mika. Carol confesses to Karen's murder and hands Tyreese a gun, inviting him to do whatever he needs to do.

Tyreese grips the table, trying to contain his anger. "I forgive you," he finally says. "It's a part of you now. Me too."