T-DogPlayed by IronE Singleton


Struggling with the guilt of abandoning Merle Dixon on a department store rooftop, T-Dog – born Theodore Douglas -- feels the need to continually prove his value as a member of the group.

But T-Dog’s experiences since the apocalypse have slowly undermined his confidence, leaving him vulnerable and quick to flee. After being injured during a walker attack, T-Dog deliriously suggests to Dale that the two should just take the RV and abandon the others. Later, he apologizes, asserting that “I’m not a coward, and I’m not weak.”

Still, T-Dog is a highly moral person, eagerly volunteering to go after Merle despite their differences.

A proven soldier, T-Dog bravely defends the group on several occasions against walker attacks, and personally rescues Lori and Beth during the herd attack on the farm. Afterwards, however, T-Dog falls back on his instincts to flee, refusing to face the danger of driving Lori back to the highway to regroup with Rick.

“We’ve got a shot to get away in one piece,” he argues, but when Lori threatens to jump from the vehicle, T-Dog relents. “You’re out of your damn minds,” he declares.

When a walker herd infiltrates a prison in which the survivors have taken refuge, T-Dog gets bitten in the shoulder while securing the courtyard gate. Despite Carol's offer to "do whatever's necessary" to prevent him from turning, T-Dog insists on guiding her to safety: "This is God's plan," T-Dog says. "He'll take care of me."

T-Dog and Carol reach a set of doors blocked by walkers. Out of ammo, T-Dog charges them and urges Carol to keep going. She reaches the doors, but looks back in horror as the walkers tear T-Dog apart.