Sophia PeletierPlayed by Madison Lintz

The Walking Dead Season 2 Characters Sophia

Sophia and her parents, Carol and Ed, meet Shane, Lori and Carl on the road to Atlanta. Sophia and Carl quickly become friends.

Though she’s witnessed unspeakable horrors -- first at the hands of her abusive father and then when he is killed by walkers – Sophia is a kid at heart, still attached to her doll and dreaming of taking a trip with the Grimes family to the Grand Canyon.

That dream ends quickly when two walkers pursue Sophia into the forest after an attack. Rick chases after her, instructing her to stay hidden while he kills the walkers. “This is how we both survive,” he urges.

But when Rick returns to fetch Sophia, she’s nowhere to be found. Though Daryl finds clues to her whereabouts -- her doll, and a shelter she might have occupied – Sophia does not surface again until Shane breaks open the barn doors at Hershel’s farm to slaughter the walkers inside.

After the massacre, a final walker emerges: Sophia. The group is stunned. Carol rushes toward her undead daughter but is stopped by Daryl, who holds her as she collapses in tears.

Drawing his revolver, Rick marches up to the snarling Sophia and pulls the trigger.