SashaPlayed by Sonequa Martin-Green


Sasha and her brother Tyreese were fleeing an overrun camp in Jacksonville when they stumbled onto the prison. Although Rick initially chased them away in a fit of madness, they were eventually welcomed back into the community along with the survivors of Woodbury.

Scrappy and no-nonsense, Sasha takes a practical approach to survival. This includes surrounding herself with only those she deeply trusts — she's reluctant to let newcomer Bob join her team on a supply run, despite his medical expertise — and facing the reality of adverse situations head-on, like when a virus spreads at the prison and Sasha is among those to fall sick.

She is eventually cured by medication procured by a team that includes Tyreese — just in time to face down the Governor's second attack on the prison. Sasha escapes the massacre with Maggie and Bob, and resumes her realistic approach to survival — insisting the trio needs to be "looking for food, shelter," as opposed to Maggie's quixotic mission to find Glenn.

Maggie is undeterred, however, and when Bob agrees to search for Glenn, Sasha reluctantly goes along.

Eventually, the group finds a sign pointing to sanctuary at Terminus. "If it sounds too good to be true…," Sasha warns, but Maggie believes Glenn would go there looking for her. Not wanting to endanger the others, Maggie quietly leaves them in the middle of the night.

Bob insists on going after Maggie. "Odds are, Glenn is dead," Sasha says. "Odds are, we will be too." Bob thinks that Sasha's afraid to go to Terminus because if Tyreese isn't there, it means he's dead. Sasha denies it and refuses to go with Bob, even when he kisses her. Alone, Sasha quietly weeps until she sees Maggie being attacked by walkers. She runs to Maggie's rescue, after which she admits, "I am afraid."

Maggie convinces Sasha to face her fears and go to Terminus. When they arrive, however, Sasha's skepticism is proven correct as the group is imprisoned in a rail car, their fate once again uncertain.