Morgan JonesPlayed by Lennie James


Following the walker outbreak, Morgan evacuated with his wife Jenny and his son Duane. Their plan was to head for Atlanta in search of military protection. En route, a walker attacked Jenny, forcing the family to seek refuge in Rick's hometown. "After she died," Morgan tells Rick, who he finds disoriented near his house, "I guess we just froze in place."

Fiercely protective, Morgan barricades himself and Duane inside a vacant house. Despite the dire conditions, Morgan still endeavors to create normalcy for Duane, correcting his son's grammar and praying before meals. But both remain haunted by the loss of Jenny, who returns to the house regularly as a walker.

Rick and Morgan eventually part ways, promising to meet up in Atlanta after Duane learns to shoot. Morgan's final warning to Rick: "They might not seem like much one at a time. But in a group, all riled up and hungry? Man, you watch your ass."

Rick tries several times to reach Morgan on his walkie-talkie, first instructing Morgan to head to the CDC and finally warning him to stay away from the city. "Atlanta's done," Rick says, bidding farewell. His transmissions go unanswered.

Nothing is known of Morgan until months later, when Rick, Carl and Michonne return to Rick's hometown to look for guns. While there, they find that Morgan has booby-trapped the streets and holed up in an apartment with a cache of guns.

Rick learns that Morgan has grown mentally unstable, especially after Duane died at the hands of his walker wife. He curses himself for not being strong enough to kill Jenny when he had the chance. "The weak people," he laments. "We have inherited the Earth."

Rick urges Morgan to join them at the prison. Morgan refuses, saying he doesn't want to watch everyone die. "You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets," Morgan warns before allowing Rick to take the guns.