Hershel GreenePlayed by Scott Wilson


Hershel Greene owned the farmhouse where Rick and the other survivors sought asylum after the apocalypse. A recovering alcoholic and a man of faith, Hershel felt obliged to shelter the guests.

A veterinarian by trade, Hershel proves invaluable to Rick when his son Carl is accidentally shot. After performing life-saving surgery on Carl, Hershel relates to Rick his belief that everything that's happened is God's work, and that mankind will soon find a cure for the walker disease.

Hershel's belief that the undead are just sick is so deep that he has corralled his friends and neighbors who have turned — including his wife and step-son — in his barn. When Shane discovers the walkers and slaughters them, Hershel realizes his mistake.

"I was a fool, Rick," Hershel drunkenly laments. "There is no hope."

But Rick convinces Hershel that it's important to stay strong — if only to give his remaining family (his daughters Maggie and Beth) a reason to keep going.

Hershel's farm is soon overrun with walkers. Though he attempts to make a last stand, declaring, "This is my farm. I'll die here," Rick finally convinces him to flee.

After spending the winter on the run, Rick and Daryl stumble onto an abandoned prison and the group decides to make it their new home. While scouting the prison tombs, Hershel is bitten in the leg by a walker and Rick amputates to prevent the infection from spreading.

Hershel survives the ordeal and adapts to life on crutches. Despite his physical handicap, he continues to serve the group by providing sage advice during difficult times. When Rick grows emotionally unstable in the wake of Lori's death, it falls to Hershel to bring Rick back: "You once said this isn't a democracy," Hershel tells him. "Now you need to own up to that."

When the threat of an attack from the Governor is imminent, Hershel advises leaving the prison, but is out-voted. Instead, he waits out the battle in the forest with Beth, Carl and baby Judith and watches helplessly as Carl shoots a Woodbury boy fleeing the slaughter at the prison.

"He gunned that boy down," Hershel reports back to Rick afterwards.