Dale HorvathPlayed by Jeffrey DeMunn

The Walking Dead Characters Season 2 Dale

Dale had planned to spend his retirement traveling the country with his beloved wife Irma in their RV, but she died from cancer before their dream came to pass. “I felt so cheated,” he confides to Andrea.

His age, calm experience and RV provide the nucleus around which the community of survivors forms. He is wise, sometimes profound and is the respected elder of the group – acting as a father figure to Glenn especially, whom he counsels on everything from car maintenance to girls.

Dale and Andrea form a close bond as well. When Amy is killed during a walker attack on the camp, Dale sits vigil with Andrea, telling her that since his wife's death, "you girls were the first people that I cared anything for."

Their relationship is tested, however, when Dale prevents Andrea from committing suicide by staying in a self-destructing building. Though he believes he saved her life, she claims he took her choice away. Later, he apologizes, saying, “The choices I made for you were not my choices to make.”

Ever watchful of the changing dynamics within the group, Dale becomes concerned when he witnesses a growing bond between Andrea and Shane. “I know what kind of man you are,” Dale tells Shane, ordering him to leave the group. When Shane’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Dale attemps to hide the guns from him, but Shane tracks him down and forces him to hand the weapons over.

“At least I can say when the world went to shit, I didn't let it take me down with it,” Dale proclaims.

Indeed, as the group’s moral center, Dale finds himself at odds with everyone in arguing to spare the life of a young prisoner, Randall. Although Andrea eventually sides with Dale on the issue, he’s so devastated at everyone’s lack of humanity that he declares, “This group is broken.”

That night, while walking through the fields, Dale is gored by a walker. As he lies on the ground dying, Daryl aims a gun at his head.

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