Bob StookeyPlayed by Lawrence Gilliard Jr.


Bob is a newcomer to the prison, having spent months alone on the road when everyone in his former camp was killed.

A former Army medic and recovering alcoholic, Bob struggles to control his inner demons. This first manifests during a supply run at a Big Spot! department store, when in a moment of weakness, Bob removes a liquor bottle from a rotting shelf, causing the entire shelving unit to fall. The noise then triggers a fatal walker attack.

"Used to be I'd drink a bottle of anything just so I could shut my eyes at night," Bob later tells Daryl, confessing his guilt over the attack. Although Daryl absolves him, Bob once again falters during a mission to retrieve medication at a nearby veterinary college while a deadly virus sweeps through the prison. Bob nearly dies when he refuses to let go of his backpack during a walker attack. When Daryl discovers that Bob was protecting a liquor bottle and not medicine, he's furious. "You take one sip before those meds get in our people," Daryl threatens, "I will beat your ass into the ground."

Despite Bob's inner struggles, he becomes a source of hope and optimism for the other survivors, particularly after the prison falls in the Governor's attack. Bob is exiled to the road with Sasha and Maggie. With no clear destination, Bob supports Maggie on her mission to reunite with Glenn, and insists Sasha join as well. Marching down the railroad tracks, Sasha asks Bob, "Why are you so happy to be alive when we're walking into the heart of darkness?"

"I'm not alone," Bob replies, smiling.

Bob and Sasha soon develop feelings for each other. When they reunite with Glenn and are introduced to Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene — who boast of knowledge of a cure in Washington, D.C. — Bob insists on continuing their journey to Terminus so that Sasha can see if her brother Tyreese is there. Upon reaching Terminus, however, Bob is captured and imprisoned with his group, their fate once again uncertain.