Glenn RheePlayed by Steven Yeun


Glenn meets Rick during one of his frequent trips into Atlanta to scavenge supplies. After witnessing Rick's assault by walkers, he guides Rick to safety via a handheld radio. "Call it foolish naïve hope," Glenn later explains, "that if I'm ever that far up shit creek, somebody might do the same for me."

Glenn used to deliver pizzas for a living, and his knowledge of shortcuts, his agility and his fearlessness prove extremely useful to the group's scavenging needs. As Rick says when introducing him to Hershel's daughter Maggie, Glenn is "our go-to-town expert."

Maggie begins to accompany Glenn on his supply runs, and a romantic relationship ensues. Although his affections for Maggie lead Glenn to reconsider his daredevil lifestyle, he eventually comes to embrace his feelings, telling Maggie, "I love you. I should have said it a long time ago and it's been true for a long time."

When the group settles into a nearby prison, Glenn continues to be a valuable asset in protecting their new home against threats. He is an increasingly devoted partner to Maggie and comforts her when Hershel nearly dies after a walker attack.

During a supply run, Glenn and Maggie are abducted by Merle and brought to Woodbury. Glenn is tortured by Merle and left to die at the hands of a walker. Fueled by rage, he breaks out of his bonds and brutally kills the walker.

When he learns that the Governor assaulted Maggie during their captivity, Glenn becomes obsessed with revenge and withdraws emotionally. He later apologizes for his behavior, telling Maggie, "I made it all about me."

Facing the possibility of death in the Governor's impending attack, Glenn reaches out to Hershel to ask his blessing to marry Maggie. "I know what it takes," he says. Hershel smiles and consents.

Glenn cuts an engagement ring off the hand of a walker and proposes to Maggie. She nods and they kiss.

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