Chandler BrownPlayed by Pete Chekvala


Freud said that a happy life is determined by the career you choose and a good sex life. Chandler Brown is dissatisfied with both. Chandler is a commercial sculptor in his mid-thirties. He lives with his wife and children in a quaint craftsman home in Pasadena, drives a Volvo station wagon, and drinks Negronis on a daily basis. Chandler is Arthur's oldest and closest friend. They both started out as promising artists, but Chandler has made certain compromises to accommodate his growing family. He has recently taken to the innocuous yet profitable task of creating sculptures for various banks and corporate buildings. To top it off, since the birth of his second child Chandler’s wife has stopped having sex with him. To say he's sexually frustrated would be a vast understatement. Over the years, he has resorted to living vicariously through Arthur and his sexual exploits. More recently, Chandler has opted for a happier version of life and has begun sleeping with a prostitute, something, he assures Arthur, that has led to marital bliss at home.