Arthur BanksPlayed by Adam Goldberg


Arthur Banks is a successful playwright and theater director in his early thirties. At the age of 14, he won a Eugene O’Neill grant for his play The Moral Atheist. By the time he was in his early twenties, he had taken to more autobiographical works -- though always publicly professing their genre as fiction. Today, he lives in a Modernist home encased in glass, drives a vintage olive-colored coupe, and drinks Negronis on a daily basis. He has an affinity for Richard Yates, B-rate spy novels, and sesquipedalian words.

Arthur is the author of The Romantic Egoist, a play based on his life with Annette, with whom he spent time in a committed but otherwise undefined relationship. Arthur possesses a rather unhealthy obsession with female beauty, which often results in doomed love and comic despair. He's well known for seeing multiple women at one time and for dating actresses, particularly those who appear in his acclaimed work, a fact Arthur makes no effort to hide either from his best friend, Chandler Brown, or from his long-time therapist, Stephen Schmidt.