Winking WomanPlayed by Leila Henriques

Leila Henriques

Warning: Contains plot spoilers for Episodes 1-6

The Winking Woman is a Villager. She often goes on the Escape Sightseeing Bus Tour.

In New York, the Winking Woman is Mr. Curtis's personal assistant.

The Winking Woman is one of the passengers on the bus Six is driving when he stops during a desert tour to inspect an anchor submerged in the sand. When Six looks back at her, she winks at him.

Later, she approaches Six: "There's a reason I go on those bus tours," she says. "I heard the ocean once." She and Six head out into the desert with a skeptical 147 to search for it, but find only sand. "Maybe I never heard it," the Woman says, but Six refuses to concede she might have imagined it.

Winking Woman and Six's second attempt to find the ocean is more successful: Searching with 16 (who has admitted he is not Six's brother), the three find the ocean and run toward it. When Rover attacks 16 in the water, the Winking Woman runs away.

The Winking Woman exists in New York as Mr. Curtis's assistant. She meets Michael on the Purpose floor at Summakor to inform him a car is waiting to take him to see Mr. Curtis. As Michael walks away, she winks at him.