SixPlayed by Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel

WARNING: Contains Plot Spoilers for Episodes 1-6

Six is the new leader of The Village. His romantic partner, 313, is the Village Dreamer.

Six is also Michael, who in New York is the head of Summakor, a technology and surveillance corporation.

Michael was originally an analyst for Summakor, who resigned from the company only to find himself trapped in The Village. There, he was called Six as he struggled to retain his former identity and engage in a battle of wits with Two, The Village's previous leader.

Upon arriving in The Village, Six meets 147 (a taxi driver) and 313 (a doctor). Both offer to help Six deal with his visions of his previous life. Six's memories center around an encounter with a woman, Lucy, in New York. Lucy later reveals she too works at Summakor, and warns Michael/Six that the company still controls him despite his resignation.

Six is surprised to learn that Lucy exists in The Village too. She's 4-15, a blind woman to whom Six has been romantically matched. But their wedding day is marred when 313 professes her love for Six and 4-15 jumps down a hole that leads to nothingness.

After 4-15 dies, Six begins to suspect that a doppelganger of himself is roaming The Village. This alter ego, 2x6, has splintered off of Six's personality and is set on killing Two. But the original Six, believing the murder would trap him in The Village forever, stops 2x6: "If we are one, then we can defeat Two," says Six. 2x6 disappears.

4-15 is not the only Villager whose encounters with Six lead to death: 16, who Six comes to believe is his brother, and 554, a waitress who tells Six of other Dreamers that remember previous lives, are also killed; as is 909 -- a Village spy tracking Six. The final death threatening Six is ultimately his own. Diagnosed with "Village Death," Six learns from Two that his only chance of survival may be to accept The Village.

As Six is confronting his own mortality in The Village, Michael is meeting the head of Summakor, Mr. Curtis/Two in New York. Mr. Curtis explains The Village exists in the mind of his wife Helen (M2 in The Village). It's all part of an experiment to cure broken people like Sarah (313), who is suffering from the aftermath of childhood abuse.

In The Village, Two challenges Six to face his greatest fear (embodied by Rover), but Six runs away. Later, Six confronts Two at the funeral for 11-12 (who committed suicide after smothering M2). Villagers are frightened because holes into nothingness are appearing everywhere. Two tells Six the only way to repair the holes is to find a replacement for M2: 313 volunteers. Placing a grenade in his own mouth then pulling the pin, Two passes on the responsibilities of The Village to Six.

Michael takes his place as the new head of Summakor, while Six and a sedated 313 look out on The Village. "It took me all this time to see how beautiful it is," Six says. "It has to be possible to do this the right way – make a good Village. I have to try."

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“If I open my mind, you will take it from me.”
Episode 1: “Arrival”
“I am not a number. I am not a number…my name is…I am Six. I am Six.”
Episode 2: “Harmony”
“My home is not my home. My brother is not my brother. Nothing’s real.”
Episode 2: “Harmony”
“Everything and anything I might do is for one reason — and that’s to work against you.”
Episode 3: “Anvil”
“Fear is not guilt.”
Episode 3: “Anvil”
“If you can do this — well — what is love?”
Episode 4: “Darling”
“Who are you people?”
Episode 6: “Checkmate”