70Played by James Cunigham

James Cuningham

WARNING: Contains plot spoilers for Episodes 1-2

70 and his alter-ego Shadow 70 are The Village’s therapists. They work at The Village Clinic.

Identical in appearance, 70 and Shadow 70 work in conjunction with each other – one engages with the patient; the other reflects.

At their first session with Six, the pair questions Six about his memories of going to the ocean with his brother. 70 and Shadow 70 assure Six that, “There is no requirement that you share your thoughts here… Simply to have them.”

Later, 70 and Shadow 70 have an impromptu session with Two who asks to be analyzed. After they’re mocked by Two in the process, the duo ask him why he’s requested therapy for Six if he himself doesn’t believe in it. Two tosses them a grenade with the pin still inside. “It is not necessary for me to believe,” Two states. “It is necessary for Six to believe.”

Six eventually picks up on 70 and Shadow 70’s fear of Two. During a subsequent therapy session, he recites the plot of The Village soap opera Wonkers instead of his memories. “I see your fear 70,” Six says. “You know you’re a prisoner here, just like me.”