313Played by Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson

WARNING: Contains Spoilers for Episodes 1-6

313 is the new Village Dreamer – a comatose woman in whose mind The Village exists. She is romantically partnered with Six, The Village's new leader. Previously she was The Village doctor.

In New York, 313 is Sarah, a delusional girl suffering in the aftermath of childhood abuse.

313 is the second Villager to meet Six upon his arrival. She asks him to dance at the nightclub, then later tends to him in the hospital after he faints and falls off a roof. She believes Six's memories of another life are "delusions," and begs him to accept reality.

Nevertheless, 313 is curious about Six's other life: She steals his drawings of Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty, claiming, "I like the idea of another place."

313 has her own dreams of another place -- nightmares of a gothic church and a girl with a box over her head. These are memories from her life as Sarah, a woman suffering in the aftermath childhood abuse. Her memories resurface in full-force after she meets Untwo – the Village leader Two's alter-ego – who promises to show her the Other Place "whether you wish it or not."

When 313 flees to the desert, she chances upon a Summakor door which opens to a hallway where she is confronted by images from her other life. Terrified, she runs away.

313's romantic feelings for Six coincide with her administering drugs that stimulate Six's affections for 4-15, a blind Villager. When Six asks 4-15 to marry him, however, 313 crashes the wedding to profess her own feelings. 313 and Six kiss.

Although later she's given the duty of diagnosing Six with Village Death, Two offers her the opportunity to save Six as well by becoming Six's partner when he takes over The Village. She will replace M2 as The Village Dreamer and thereby restore The Village.

As 313 takes the pills which will make her The Village Dreamer, Sarah collapses into Michael's arms in New York.

Six and a sedated 313 look out on The Village. "It took me all this time to see how beautiful it is," Six says. 313 sheds a single tear.

“Uh, you’re supposed to be trying to convince me that you’re sane.”
Episode 1: “Arrival”
“Are you trying to trap me?”
Episode 1: “Arrival”
“You sound like such a clever little Six.”
Episode 2: “Harmony”