147Played by Lennie James

Lennie James

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Episodes 1-6

147 is a Village taxi driver who is married to 21-16. Their daughter, 832, is recently deceased.

In New York, 147 is also the driver for Mr. Curtis, the former head of Summakor.

147 is the first person Six meets when he enters The Village. Six hails his cab, and asks to be taken to a train station. A confused 147 replies, "This is The Village, and I do local destinations." 147 next encounters Six outside of the Solar Café. When Six rebuffs 147's offer of a ride, 147 says, "I'll always be here if you need me."

147 is suffering from the loss of his daughter, 832, who fell down a hole that leads to nothingness. 832's disappearance wears heavily on his relationship with his wife 21-16: She blames 147 for not watching their daughter more closely. He considers jumping down a hole to find his daughter but Six convinces him it would be suicide.

Eventually 147 and 21-16 move on with their lives. When 147 finds Untwo – Two's alter-ego – sitting in the street, he takes him home for cake and mentions how similar he looks to Two.

147 offers a distraught Two council after Two's son, 11-12, commits suicide. They commiserate over the pain of losing a child, and Two says there's something 147 can do to end the pain: When the moment arrives, 147 must call out, "Six is the one."

147 exists in New York too as Mr. Curtis's driver. Escorting Michael to a meeting with his boss, the driver tells Michael how he used to be an angry person until Mr. Curtis helped him turn his life around. "He's a great man," the driver says of Curtis.

In The Village, 147 tells Six that deliverance is coming – they just need to wait. At 11-12's funeral, after Two admits to the Villagers that they are all prisoners, and that they should look to Six for answers, 147 proclaims, "Six is the one," rallying the crowd.

“This is The Village, and I do local destinations.”
Episode 1: “Arrival”
“If you got mental difficulties, get mental help.”
Episode 5: “Schizoid”
“I thought you were going to bite my face off.”
Episode 5: “Schizoid”
“Something is coming. Can you feel it? And all we have to do is wait.”
Episode 6: “Checkmate”
“Six is the one.”
Episode 6: “Checkmate”