11-12Played by Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie Campbell Bower

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Episodes 1-6

11-12 is Two’s son. He is deceased.

He lived at The Village’s centrally-located Palais Two with his father, the former Village leader, and M2, the former Village Dreamer who is also deceased.

11-12 leads a life of extreme privilege, but remains discontented. When Six arrives, he becomes curious about the newcomer’s assertions against The Village: “Why is Six so convinced there is another place,” he asks Two, who tells 11-12 that “for people like Six, life is not enough.”

11-12 is also curious about his mother, M2, to whom Two daily feeds a variety of mysterious pills that keep her unconscious. 11-12 steals some pills and takes them to 313 for identification. Two confronts 11-12 about stealing the pills, warning his son that once he knows the truth about his mother, there’ll be no turning back. 11-12 insists he wants to know.

Two tells 11-12 that The Village exists inside his mother’s mind. Handing 11-12 the key to the pill cabinet, Two offers his son the chance to spend a day with M2.

11-12 bonds with his mother. He asks M2 if he can go to the Other Place; she reveals it isn’t possible: People born in The Village cannot leave.

11-12 spends much of his time at the Go Inside Bar -- where he used to meet up with his lover 909 who he killed after learning that their affair was in danger of being exposed. There, he encounters Six who asks for his help in escaping. “The Village is best for me,” 11-12 says.

Drunk, 11-12 goes to M2 and smothers her in her sleep. Afterwards, he returns to the Go Inside Bar, where he hangs himself.

“Why is Six so convinced there is another place?”
Episode 1: “Arrival”
“You raised me up on lies. Did you do that to hurt me?”
Episode 5: “Schizoid”
“The Village is best for me.”
Episode 6: “Checkmate”