Ian McKellen as Two

Ian McKellen

Two is The Village leader, who lives with his son and comatose wife in The Village's Palais Two

Jim Caviezel as Six

Jim Caviezel

Michael is a Summakor analyst. He is also Six, a Village prisoner struggling to retain his identity

Ruth Wilson as 313

Ruth Wilson

313 is The Village doctor who takes a romantic interest in Six

Hayley Atwell as Lucy / 4-15

Hayley Atwell

Lucy works for Summakor. As 4-15, she is paired with Six through a Village dating service

Lennie James as 147

Lennie James

147 is a Village taxi driver who befriends Six. In New York, he is a driver for Summakor

Jamie Campbell Bower as 11-12

Jamie Campbell Bower

11-12 is Two's son who lives in The Village's Palais Two with his father and mother, M2

John Whitely as 93

John Whitely

93 is a Villager who dreams of a life in London. He is friends with 554

Jeffrey R. Smith as 16

Jeffrey R. Smith

16 works as an Escape Sightseeing Bus Tour guide. He is introduced as Six's brother

Jessica Haines as 554

Jessica Haines

554 is a waitress at The Village's Solar Cafe. She dreams of a world outside The Village

Rachael Blake as M2

Rachael Blake

M2 is The Village Dreamer and the wife of Two, The Village leader

Vincent Regan as 909

Vincent Regan

909 is The Village tow truck driver and a spy tasked with rooting out Dreamers

David Butler as 37927

David Butler

37927 runs The Village Shop, which sells mugs, shirts and maps of The Village

Warrick Grier as 1955

Warrick Grier

1955 is The Village history teacher. He is a suspected dreamer

James Cunigham as 70

James Cuningham

70 and his alter-ego Shadow 70 are The Village's therapists

Leila Henriques as Winking Woman

Leila Henriques

The Winking Woman is a Villager who often goes on the Escape Sightseeing Bus Tour