Season 2

Sarah Linden cancels her move to California when she learns the incriminating tollbooth photo of Darren Richmond is a fake. She suspects Stephen Holder and Gil Sloane are behind it.

In the hospital, Richmond learns that a gunshot wound has paralyzed him from the waist down. At the police station, Richmond's shooter, Belko Royce, snatches a cop's gun and kills himself.

Linden follows a lead to Tacoma, where she meets a fisherman who saw Richmond jump off a bridge on the night of Rosie Larsen's murder. Linden convinces the D.A. to drop charges against Richmond and reopen the case. When Stan Larsen finds out, he asks Janek Kovarsky to find Rosie's murderer.

Mitch Larsen checks into a motel and sleeps with a stranger she picks up in a bar. She then befriends a teenage runaway who reminds her of Rosie. The girl robs her.

The web servers for Beau Soleil are destroyed in a fire, and a security camera shows one of Stan's moving vans in the vicinity. The van is driven by a male with a comic book character tattooed on his forearm -- the same tattoo seen in Rosie's Super 8 film. Stan learns that Janek is behind the Beau Soleil fire and suspects he may be involved with Rosie's murder.

When Holder learns Richmond is innocent, he severs ties with Gil and makes amends with Linden. Together, they trace the tattoo to Alexi Giffords, a mob thug whose father was killed by Stan in a mob hit 17 years ago. Alexi, who planned to get revenge by killing Rosie but ended up falling for her, reveals Rosie called him on the night of her death. He also reveals that Stan isn't Rosie's biological father.

Gwen Eaton leaves the Richmond campaign for a job in D.C. Jamie Wright meets with an old flame who works in the D.A.'s office and learns that Mayor Lesley Adams is behind the fake tollbooth photo.

After Jack calls her saying he's sick, Linden goes to the motel where they're staying and finds her ex-husband there. He berates her for neglecting Jack.

Desperate to rekindle her relationship with Michael Ames, Terry Marek calls Ames' house. Later, Ames picks up Terry in his limo and tells her to leave him alone.

Holder learns that Ames and Terry had tickets to fly to Las Vegas on the night of Rosie's murder, but Ames canceled at the last minute and took a town car to the Wapi Indian Casino's ferry. Jasper Ames recalls his father being dropped off in the middle of the night by a car with a broken taillight.

Lt. Erik Carlson nixes Linden's request for a casino search warrant and orders her to stop disturbing the Ames family. Linden and Jack stay at Holder's apartment after someone breaks into their motel room.

Gwen comes back to work for Richmond and suggests they boost his image by getting a public endorsement from Stan. At the press conference, Stan announces a reward for information leading to the arrest of Rosie's killer, but is discouraged when a promising tipster turns out to be a fraud.

As Holder snoops around the casino trying to investigate a 10th floor renovation project contracted to Ames' construction company, Mary, a casino maid, slips Holder a note asking to meet the next morning. Tribal chief Nicole Jackson's henchmen kidnap Holder and assault him. Linden convinces Lt. Carlson to deploy a search team to the reservation, and Holder is found unconscious in the woods. Lt. Carlson takes Linden's badge away.

Linden meets with Mary and learns Rosie worked as a maid and waitress at the casino and that Rosie visited the 10th floor on the night of her murder. Mary says all 10th floor keys were confiscated afterwards -- and that Rosie had one.

Richmond is discharged from the hospital and confronts Adams about the tollbooth photo.

After dodging Child Protective Services, Linden puts Jack on a flight to Chicago to stay with his father.

Linden and Holder find out Gil stole Rosie's case files and track them down in a storage unit. They find Rosie's casino floor key inside.

Linden uses Rosie's key to sneak onto the casino's 10th floor, where she notices the spectacular view of the Seattle skyline. She deduces Rosie was running away, came to the 10th floor to say goodbye to the city, and accidentally witnessed a secret meeting. Linden spots a blood-spattered keycard from City Hall between some exposed floor struts, but before she can grab it, she is knocked unconscious by Roberta Drays. Linden wakes up to find herself admitted to a psych ward because Chief Jackson claims Linden tried to commit suicide.

Holder learns a thug broke into the waterfront construction site on the night of Rosie's murder to plant Indian bones in an attempt to halt construction. The project is a lynchpin of Adams' reelection campaign.

Holder gets Linden released from the psych ward with assistance from her psychiatrist, who turns out to be Linden's ex-fiancé, Rick Felder.

Linden and Holder obtain a federal warrant for the casino through Senator Eaton, who is persuaded to help by Gwen. Linden recovers the City Hall keycard from the 10th floor, and discovers the card works on the door to Richmond's offices.

Footage from the casino elevator's security camera shows Jamie, Chief Jackson, and Michael Ames riding up to the 10th floor on the night of Rosie's murder.

At a campaign rally, Richmond publicly admits his suicide attempt on the Tacoma bridge.

After learning that Janek ordered Stan to kill his father, Alexi shoots Janek in the head and kills him.

Mitch returns home and agrees to move into the house Stan secretly purchased just before Rosie's death.

On election night, Richmond receives a phone call from Jamie's grandfather and goes to visit him. He learns that Jamie was not at home on the night of Rosie's murder, and that all of Jamie's stories about his grandfather are lies. Jamie shows up and forces Richmond to return to City Hall, where he admits to Richmond that he hurt Rosie after she overheard him scheming with Ames and Chief Jackson about planting the Indian bones. "If you want to be a leader, you have to be willing to get blood on your hands," Jamie says.

With Gwen's help, Linden and Holder catch up to Jamie, and Holder fatally shoots Jamie after Jamie brandishes a gun.

Linden and Holder go to the Larsen home to deliver the news about Jamie, and Linden notices Terry's car has a broken taillight. They confront Terry, who admits she picked up Ames at the casino ferry and drove him to Discovery Park to meet with Jamie. Stan and Mitch arrive in time to hear Terry tearfully confess that she is the one who sent the campaign car rolling into the lake, insisting she didn't know it was Rosie who was in the trunk. As Holder holds back an enraged Stan, Linden arrests Terry.

Richmond wins the election. The next day, he holds a meeting that includes Michael Ames and Chief Jackson, but not Gwen.

In Holder's car, a call comes in that a body has been found near the airport. Linden gets out, and Holder drives away.

The Killing Season 2

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