Terry MarekPlayed by Jamie Anne Allman


Terry is Mitch's younger, party girl sister who spends her nights hanging out in bars and clubs. While the Larsens mourn Rosie’s death, Terry picks up the slack around the house, including looking after her two young nephews. Even though she means well, she often says all the wrong things. Terry is close to her sister and knows a hidden side to Mitch: She once wanted a bigger and better life than the one she has now. Terry may have once had aspirations of her own: In the receiving line at Rosie's wake, her face brightens at the sight of the wealthy Michael Ames, but she becomes crestfallen after he eyes her coldly and walks away. Sarah and Holder question Terry after learning that Rosie used ATMs at the Wapi Eagle Casino to deposit large sums of money into a bank account opened under Terry's name. Terry denies opening the account, but admits to loaning her I.D. to Rosie, who could have used it to do so. Terry also admits to working for Beau Soleil, a high-end escort service, and to using Rosie's laptop to access the escort service's website.

Terry used to be involved with Ames and hoped he would one day leave his wife for her. They were supposed to fly to Las Vegas on the night of Rosie’s murder, but Ames canceled the trip at the last minute. Instead, they met Jamie Wright at a lake after he bludgeoned Rosie and put her in the trunk of his campaign car. As Ames and Jamie argue over the predicament, Terry sends the car into the lake — a desperate act of love for Ames — not knowing that Rosie is in the trunk. When she confesses her crime in front of Stan and Mitch, she begs for their forgiveness.

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