Darren RichmondPlayed by Billy Campbell


Darren Richmond, the president of the Seattle City Council, is running for Mayor. He gives every impression of being "Seattle's JFK." Richmond is carrying on a relationship with Gwen Eaton, his campaign advisor -- a relationship he is keeping under wraps until the election is over -- but still longs for his wife who passed away years ago. He is the type of politico with potential on the national scale, a man of principle and unshakeable beliefs amidst a political world swimming with sharks.

Richmond becomes tied to the Rosie Larsen case after one of his campaign's cars is pulled from a lake and the teenager's dead body is found in the trunk. He becomes a prime suspect after a high-end escort indicates to detective Stephen Holder that Richmond, using the name "Orpheus," is one of her clients and that he once proposed a morbid drowning scenario. Sarah Linden becomes convinced of Richmond's guilt after emails sent to the address used by Orpheus to register with the escort service are delivered to Richmond's computer, and later convinces Lieutenant Oakes of his guilt when Holder produces a photograph that depicts Richmond in the campaign car on the night Rosie was killed. Sarah arrests the councilman, only to later learn that Holder's photo is a fake. Meanwhile, Holder slips into a car and tells its driver, "Photo worked. He's going down."

When Belko Royce learns that police are arresting Richmond for Rosie’s murder, he shoots Richmond. The councilman undergoes surgery and survives, but is paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Richmond is cleared of the murder charge, on account of the inauthenticity of Holder’s photo.

Once discharged from the hospital, Richmond continues to lag behind in the polls, due in large part to public opinion that he was involved in Rosie’s murder. As election day approaches, he admits to his constituents that he tried to kill himself on the night Rosie was murdered. He goes on to win the election and begins his tenure by holding a meeting with Nicole Jackson and Michael Ames — a sign that this idealistic politician is now willing to get his hands dirty.

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