Amber AhmedPlayed by Ashley Johnson


Amber Ahmed is Bennet Ahmed's wife. A former student to whom he wrote encouraging letters while she was still in high school, the 23-year-old Amber is pregnant with the couple's first child, a girl. Because their apartment's floors were being refinished and Bennet didn't want her inhaling the fumes, Amber spent the weekend of the Halloween dance at her sister's house. She tells Holder that she received a phone call from her husband at ten o'clock the night of the dance, though she concedes it was from his cell phone, not the apartment's landline. When questioned by Sarah, Bennet claims that he let Rosie into his apartment after the dance, but his story is subsequently proven to be a lie. Sarah asks Amber who else has access to their apartment, and Amber mentions a man named Muhammed who worships at the same mosque as Bennet. After Amber overhears her husband on the phone speaking mostly in Somali and discussing passports, Amber gets Muhammed's phone number from Bennet's phone and gives it to Sarah.

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