Episode 8: Hail to the Chief

In Beverly Hills, Joan recuperates from her surgery poolside. Dennis tends to her while Irwin splashes around in the water. As their trip continues, Irwin eats at a deli, an Italian restaurant, and samples food trucks to relieve his stress while Dennis cares for the ailing Chief. Later, Dennis admits Joan has slowed down, but he isn't worried, since he believes that she's from another universe, and is protecting him from alien attacks.

After Joan, Dennis and Irwin return from California, they attend a party planned by Christa and Brian to honor the 30th Anniversary of JJK. Joan receives a long line of well-wishers while the guests take photos with a life-size cut-out of the Chief, eat from a fajita bar and perform sketches, including one in which Brian and Christa play Joan and Irwin in 1984, the year of the company's founding. Joan is happy, but wears down quickly. As the party winds to a close down, Dennis can't find Chief anywhere. He asks everyone he can find, but neither her nor Irwin is present. Confused, he goes outside to smoke. Joan isn't there, but overhead, he sees a light flash in the sky.

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