Brian Taylor


Brian Taylor is JJK’s primary private investigator, process-server and office manager. Smart, level-headed and good-natured, he is the island of constancy in the middle of the random lunacy that is JJK Security and Investigations. And he enjoys it all mightily, watching the pranks and bizarre interactions and throwing in his own droll two cents.

A Georgia native, Brian had worked in the grocery business for many years when he decided to switch gears in the mid-2000's and explore the field of private investigation. As it happened, Joan Koplan was a regular at the grocery store where he worked – but it was only after he'd begun his PI courses that he learned about Joan’s profession from a co-worker. “I'd been taking courses but I didn’t really know what my next step was going to be. So I told Joan my situation and she said, 'Come by the office one day and we can talk.'”

That was in 2006. Early on, he worked on cases and process-serving with Irwin Koplan, who was the company's lead investigator. Brian is JJK's first investigator to have been trained by someone other than Joan, and he's picked up techniques and tips from both Irwin and Joan.

Still, as knowledgeable and experienced as Joan may be, there is no mistaking her for a traditional, or even conventional, boss. For seven years, she's been quite vocal about her physical attraction to Brian. Brian, who lives with his longtime girlfriend Bonnie, takes Joan's flirtations in stride. “Some days, she'll get so mad at Irwin and she’s like, ‘I’m divorcing you! This is it! I’m gonna run off and marry Brian.’ And I go, ‘Well, what about Bonnie?”

Having spent his entire PI career at JJK, Brian is perfectly happy where he is. “I’ve always been comfortable at JJK. It's always been a fun place to work,” he remarks. “Of course, there’s a lot of wackiness that goes on, and every month or so, Chief will go, ‘You're not gonna quit, are you?’ And I'm like, ‘No. Why would I? I’ve been here this long, it's a good place.'

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