Rachel MenkenPlayed by Maggie Siff

Rachel Menken

Rachel Menken is the head of Menken’s, a major department store. Raised by an older sister and her hard-working father (her mother died during labor), she claims to have had a lonely childhood.

She meets Don Draper while searching for an advertising agency to take her company to the next level. Shortly after enlisting Sterling Cooper's services, she becomes Don's unofficial advisor on all things Jewish and starts a romance with him, despite knowing that he is married. Their relationship ends shortly after Don invites her to run away with him and she refuses the offer. Her store no longer a Sterling Cooper client, Rachel runs into Don sometime later and introduces him to her new husband, Tilden Katz.


Rachel Menken Quotes

“I’m worried this is a fantasy.”
Season 1, Episode 11: “Indian Summer”
“This was a dalliance, a cheap affair. You don’t want to run away with me; you just want to run away. You’re a coward!”
Season 1, Episode 12: “Nixon Vs. Kennedy”