Francine HansonPlayed by Anne Dudek

Francine Hanson

Francine Hanson lives with her husband Carlton and their children in the same Ossining, New York, neighborhood where Betty Francis lived for more than a decade. One of Betty’s closest friends, Francine introduces her to members of the Junior League and watches with quiet delight as Betty charms Henry Francis -- Governor Nelson Rockefeller's director of public relations -- into helping the ladies group block a development project. When their initiative suffers a setback, Francine encourages Betty to contact Henry again.

Betty tells Francine what happened when she and Henry ran into Don Draper out on a date. "I misbehaved," she admits to Francine, who cautions her to be careful. "Don has nothing to lose, and you have everything," she says. Later at baby Gene's birthday part, Francine later watches approvingly as Betty handles Don's surprise appearance with aplomb.