Mark Strong as Frank Agnew


An upright, stoic Detroit homicide detective, Frank Agnew is used to taking on his own burden and the burdens of others.

Lennie James as Joe Geddes


Part cop, part perp, Geddes is a smart-but-slippery veteran homicide detective who helps Frank commit an act of vengeance.

James Ransone as Damon Callis


Damon is a fierce, intelligent and ruthless crime lord who is tired of playing second fiddle to Alexander Skelos, Detroit's reigning mob boss.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Charles Dawson


Lieutenant Dawson is a 25-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department and the commander of Frank's precinct.

Sprague Grayden as Maya Callis


Maya is the fierce, intelligent and ruthless wife of Damon Callis.

Athena Karkanis as Dani Khalil


A highly intelligent detective, Dani is anxious for Frank to get over a past loss and find happiness -- possibly with her.

Billy Lush as Nick Paflas


Nick is accomplice to Maya Callis' dirty work and becomes Damon Callis' second in command.

David Costabile as Simon Boyd


Detective Boyd is a member of the Detroit Police Department's Internal Affairs Division who is on the hunt for a cop killer.