Joe MacMillanPlayed by Lee Pace


Joe MacMillan is a hard-driving former IBM sales executive who oozes charisma and has all the surface-level attributes of an American winner. He shows up at Cardiff and essentially bulldozes his way into a senior position on the sales team. Once he has the job, he immediately orchestrates a plan to reverse-engineer the flagship product of his former employer and build something better, but his ultimate agenda is an open question. While Joe will handle the sales for this new personal computer, he needs the partnership of engineer Gordon Clark and programmer Cameron Howe to build this next-generation product. In the process, their relationships are tested as he challenges Gordon to build a seemingly unbuildable machine and Cameron to write an operating system from scratch on her own, while she and Joe explore a volatile romance. Joe is a disruptive force, whose slick Northern salesman veneer doesn’t always play well on the Silicon Prairie.

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