New York City Arms Control

Kevin Nelson, Dan Fortuna, Mike Selearis, Mike Ayello and Rob Bigwood of New York City's Arms Control.

Sacramento Arm Bender

Tom Nelson, Kenny Hughes, Allen Fisher, Mike McGraw and Luke Kindt of Sacramento's Arm Benders.

Kansas City Rolling Thunder

Ethan Fritsche, Bill Logsdon, Don Underwood, Andrew "Cobra" Rhodes and Nick Zinna of Kansas City's Rolling Thunder.

Baton Rouge Roughnecks

Craig Tullier, Josh "Turbo" Borrow, Derrick Self (sidekick), Matt "Chop" Bertrand, Jerry Avanti and Larry Alexie of Barton Rouge's Roughnecks. Not pictured: Ray Hennerichs

Erie Wrecking Crew

Travis Bagent, Dave Chaffee, John Heynoksi Jr., James Wagner and Bart Wood of Erie's
Wrecking Crew.