Episode 7: Giants, Babes and Box Cutters

The Freakshow celebrates the history of giants with a "Living Giants" special event. At the event, Morgue wants to perform a new stunt involving a bed of razor blades. To create the razor bed, Todd, Morgue, and Asia visit Rick Lazzarini, a special effects artist. Rick is initially hesitant to build the bed of razors due to the potential dangers it presents but eventually agrees.

Meanwhile, George Bell, a.k.a. "The Tallest American," has moved to California and ended his relationship with his girlfriend Diane. He's ready to try out online dating and meets Lindsey for a round of mini-golf. George likes Lindsey, but thinks she's too young and also too short. Todd then sets George up on a date with Amazon Eve, the world's tallest model at six feet, eight inches tall. George and Eve get to know each other over dinner at Todd's house and then in the hot tub. While he likes Eve, George feels that his heart is still with Diane back in Virginia. George calls Diane and they decide to get back together.

Back at the Freakshow, the bed of razors arrives. Containing over 700 blades, Morgue will need complete focus and will have to distribute his body weight evenly over the razors in order to pull off this stunt. Even a small movement could result in bloodshed. Later, Morgue calls his mother to ask if she can come to see his big stunt. She has never seen him perform and he hopes that she can witness the freakshow part of his life. Unfortunately, she says she cannot make it.

The day has arrived for the giant event. Todd has also brought in Tall Kat, who stands over seven feet tall in high heels, and George the Giant who holds the record for swallowing the longest sword in history. Inside, Morgue prepares for his stunt. He lays down on the bed of razors and places a mirror on his chest. He then uses a brick to shatter the mirror, which he says is a metaphor for destroying parts of his past and entering into a new beginning. He gets up, revealing no major cuts. Todd states that this will be a show the audience will "talk about forever."

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