Episode 1: Freakshow Auditions

Todd Ray has recently expanded his Venice Beach Freakshow and holds open auditions to find new talent. As an array of skilled, and not so skilled, performers audition, the Freakshow family realizes that finding a new addition won’t be easy. Ali worries about her job security after a man who’s even littler than she is performs on a skateboard; Morgue is less than impressed with any of the performers’ stage presences; and Todd is intrigued by a snake lady, but Asia is troubled by the sexual nature of the act. Later, Morgue and Asia discuss the auditions and he informs her that he has been working on a new stunt that is “more dangerous” than anything he’s ever done. Meanwhile, Garry “Stretch” Turner (the man with “the stretchiest skin in the world”) arrives at the Freakshow. Todd has asked Garry to perform at the Grand Reopening. The big day arrives and Todd introduces his selection for the newest member of the Freakshow family: Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress -- to Asia’s dismay. The reopening is a success, as is Morgue’s newest stunt: swallowing a curved scythe that must graze his heart in order to enter his body.

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