Episode 7: Freaks of Nature


Todd invites Jesse the Halfman and Jim the Armless Wonder to come show off their superhuman abilities at the Freakshow. Read more...

Todd plans to recreate one of his favorite pitch cards: A photo of Charles Tripp (a.k.a. “The Armless Wonder”) and Eli Bowen (a.k.a. “The Legless Acrobat”) on a tandem bicycle. With that in mind, he invites Jesse the Half Man and Jim the Armless Wonder to appear at the Freakshow. Throughout their time with Todd, Jesse and Jim amaze everyone with numerous feats and stories that demonstrate there’s nothing they can’t do. Their visit is capped off by the pitch card re-creation with a twist that improves upon the original: Rather than just taking a static photo, Jesse and Jim actually ride a tandem bike down the Venice Beach boardwalk. Concurrently, Todd struggles with whether or not he should separate his conjoined bearded dragons, Chang and Eng. A trip to the animal hospital reveals that separation is possible, but the vet warns that doing so comes with considerable risks. After talking with Danielle, Asia, and Phoenix, Todd decides that separating Chang and Eng is not worth endangering their lives, nor does he want to lose the sense of wonder they create.

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Next Episode: Freakshow Festival


Todd throws a Freakshow Festival with Freaks of all kinds showing up to support the banning of the word "normal" and they do their biggest stunts.

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