About the Show

Todd Ray was the very definition of normal. He had a highly successful Grammy-winning career in the music industry, a house in the suburbs, a loving wife and two kids. But Todd’s true passion was with all things unique and different - animals, artifacts or people – and his goal was to one day show the world that normal is never easily defined. Todd and Danielle opened up their hearts and home to animals and people who were truly one of a kind, with the ultimate goal of creating a venue for them to show the world that being different is its own kind of normal. So Todd walked away from his career, and with Danielle by his side, sought out a spot on California's famed Venice Beach Boardwalk to share their unique family.

Season two of Freakshow will continue to follow the lives of Todd Ray and his family as they operate their Venice Beach business and open their home and lives to the ever-changing and growing group of performers who make up their Freakshow family. New talent will be scouted to join the show, and cameras will take viewers out of the business and deeper into the personal lives of the Ray’s and their extended family to document the everyday struggles of balancing life, love and the Freakshow.