Todd AlquistPlayed by Jesse Plemons


The youngest and freshest-faced member of the Vamonos Pest team, Todd is quiet and hard-working. He makes an early impression on Walt when he alerts him to a nanny-cam in a house that Walt and Jesse plan to cook meth in.

Walt and Jesse enlist Todd to help with the heist of a train carrying the methylamine they need to cook. He proves useful until he fatally shoots a young boy who accidentally witnessed the robbery. Todd defends his actions, claiming they couldn't leave any witnesses alive. While Walt seems to accept Todd's callous rationale, Mike and Jesse are disgusted and angry. The group votes to let Todd stay on, but it's the beginning of the end of their partnership.

When Jesse and Mike decide to quit the meth business, Walt brings Todd on as his new assistant. Todd is not as bright as Jesse, but he proves to be a competent enough assistant for Walt. He has a good attitude about his work, not wanting Walt to pay him until he's learned how to do the job correctly.

After Walt kills Mike, Todd truly earns his place at Walt's right hand when he helps dispose of Mike's body and introduces Walt to his prison-connected uncle, Jack. Walt hires Jack and his gang to execute all of the imprisoned former members of Gus' operation, getting rid of any loose ends that might lead the DEA back to Walt.