Steven GomezPlayed by Steven Michael Quezada

Steven Gomez

Steve Gomez is Hank's partner at the DEA. A mellow foil to Hank's boisterous team leader, "Gomie" assists Hank in the investigation of Heisenberg's notorious blue meth.

The relationship between the two partners is based on mutual respect, but also plenty of ribbing about everything from bad breath to unfortunate choices in facial hair.

Tension arises when Hank wants to pursue a lead in the Heisenberg case that Gomez dismisses as inconsequential. Hank should just report to El Paso as ordered, Gomez claims. "I'm gettin' tired of all the second guessing," Hank replies tersely.

After Hank turns down an El Paso promotion, Gomez accepts it. At his partner's farewell party, Hank offers Gomez a statuette of Jesus Malverde, the patron saint of drug dealers. "Know your enemy and all," says Hank. "Fight the good fight, brother," he adds.

After Hank is shot by the Cousins, Gomez visits Hank in the hospital. He brings with him a map detailing the resurgence of blue meth throughout the Southwest. "You're the only one who saw this coming," Gomez tells Hank.

Despite praising Hank's instincts, Gomez rejects Hank's theory that Gus Fring is a secret kingpin, only agreeing to investigate Gus' laundry after Hank goads him into it. Hank’s suspicions are confirmed after Gus’ death, and Gomez closely assists Hank in a follow-up investigation to determine the extent of Gus’ empire.

At Hank’s instruction, Gomez surveils Mike’s lawyer, Dan Wachsberger, as he makes payments to nine of Gus’ imprisoned men. After arresting Wachsberger, Gomez enthusiastically reports to Hank that the lawyer is willing to give up Mike. Little does Gomez realize that Walt, having overheard their conversation, will get to Mike first.


Steven Gomez Quotes

“I’m gonna be thinking ‘Operation Breathmint.’”
Season 1, Episode 4: “Cancer Man”
[To Hank] “Tuco wasn’t my homey — any more than Charlie Manson was yours.”
Season 2, Episode 3: “Bit by a Dead Bee”
[Interrogating Tio] “Senor, are we on the Planet Mars?”
Season 2, Episode 3: “Bit by a Dead Bee”
[Referring to Hank's El Paso promotion] “Celebrate. I won’t have to look at your ugly mug six days a week.”
Season 2, Episode 5: “Breakage”
Hank: “Honey, I’m home!”
Gomez: “Got more lives than a damn cat.”
Season 2, Episode 8: “Better Call Saul”
“Wanna know how to say ‘get bent’ in Spanish?”
Season 3, Episode 5: “Mas”
“You comfortable, you piece of s—?”
Season 3, Episode 8: “I See You”
“Jesus I’d love to walk in there and shoot that bastard right in the head.”
Season 3, Episode 8: “I See You”
[To Hank] “Yeah, yeah. Glad to see you still have your twisted sense of humor.”
Season 3, Episode 9: “Kafkaesque”
[To Hank] “You’re the only one who saw this coming.”
Season 3, Episode 9: “Kafkaesque”
“If your guy had his meeting at KFC, you wouldn’t immediately assume that he’s sitting down with Colonel Sanders.”
Season 4, Episode 7: Problem Dog
“I was definitely curious when his prints showed up at Boetticher’s apartment, but for me the scholarship thing explains it.”
Season 4, Episode 8: Hermanos
“The fact is that the scumbags that hit you first were Mexican cartel, not some German multinational whatever. And definitely not Colonel Sanders.”
Season 4, Episode 12: End Times
“We’re gonna find heroin here like we’re gonna find Jimmy Hoffa. Right?”
Season 4, Episode 12: End Times