Jane MargolisPlayed by Krysten Ritter

Jane Margolis

Jane is a tattoo artist and Jesse's landlady and girlfriend. She rents him the duplex apartment next to hers after he tells her his parents kicked him out of his house. "D.B.A.A.," she warns Jesse, who can provide no references for his lease. "Don't Be An Asshole."

The two fall in love quickly, though Jane disappoints Jesse by brushing him off as just a tenant in front of her father Donald. She later shows contrition by slipping a superheroine drawing titled "Apology Girl" under his door.

When Jesse offers Jane a joint, she refuses, revealing that she's in recovery. But she later joins him as he smokes crystal to ease his guilt after his dealer and friend Combo is killed by rival dealers. From there, Jane turns Jesse on to meth and heroin speedballs — causing him to miss Walt's meth deal with Gus — and then blackmails Walt for Jesse's share of the profits. "I just think if we had enough money nobody could make us do anything," she tells Jesse breathlessly.

Jane wants to use the money to escape her father — she's promised Donald she'll go back to rehab the next morning — but an overdose that night coupled with Walt's inaction causes her to choke to death in her sleep.


Jane Margolis Quotes

“D.B.A.A… Don’t be an asshole.”
Season 2, Episode 5: “Breakage”
“A little culture won’t kill you. Besides, you might like it. A lot of her paintings look like vaginas.”
Season 2, Episode 9: “4 Days Out”
Jane: “Kanga-man. Half man, half kangaroo. And who’s this in his pouch?”
Jesse: “His sidekick Joey. He rides around in his pouch and, you know, fights crime.”
Jane: “So that makes Kanga-man a she. You know that, right? Only female kangaroos have pouches?”
Season 2, Episode 10: “Over”
Jane: “You could come with me to a meeting.”
Jesse: “No, no meeting.”
Jane: “We could just, get out of here. It won’t help.”
Season 2, Episode 11: “Mandala”
“Last time I went to rehab all of my house plants died because you didn’t water them.”
Season 2, Episode 12: “Phoenix”
“On second thought, I take that back. This is blackmail. Do right by Jesse. Tonight. Or I will burn you to the ground.”
Season 2, Episode 12: “Phoenix”
[Holding Jesse's Money] “This is freedom. This is saying, ‘I can go anywhere I want. I can be anybody.’”
Season 2, Episode 12: “Phoenix”