Elliott SchwartzPlayed by Adam Godley

Elliott Schwartz

Elliott Schwartz is Walt's grad-school colleague. Elliott, his wife Gretchen, and Walt collaborated on the scientific research that led to Elliott's Nobel Prize and thriving business, Gray Matter. But by the time their business achieved success, Walt — as Gretchen describes it — had "abandoned me and Elliott." Walt sees things differently: "My hard work, my research," he says. "And you and Elliott made millions off it."

At a birthday party for Elliott, Walt sees Skyler and Elliott deep in conversation. Moments later, Elliott offers Walt a job, mentioning that the health insurance is excellent. Walt whisks Skyler out of the party and accuses her of putting Elliott up to providing charity: When Walt turned down the job offer, Elliott offered to pay for his treatment outright.

Walt later lies to Skyler and says that Elliott is indeed paying for his cancer treatments, though in fact Walt's drug profits are financing it. His deception goes undetected until Skyler, who calls Gretchen trying to figure out why Walt had a second cell phone, learns that Elliott contributed nothing.


Elliott Schwartz Quotes

“‘To Elliott: Sorry about the buckle rash. Eric Clapton.’”
Season 1, Episode 5: “Gray Matter”
“To this day, I’m convinced these noodles were responsible for our success. This stuff was our lifeblood.”
Season 1, Episode 5: “Gray Matter”
“We can help you. We have excellent health insurance. The best.”
Season 1, Episode 5: “Gray Matter”