Carmen MolinaPlayed by Carmen Serano

Carmen Molina

Carmen is the assistant principal at J.P. Wynne High School, where Walt teaches chemistry. While Walt is on sick leave to undergo chemotherapy, he attends a meeting of faculty and parents at her request to discuss the arrest of a school janitor in connection with the theft of chemistry equipment from Walt's lab.

On his first day back from leave, Carmen says she prefers his new bald-headed look, and that he should feel comfortable coming to her if he's having any problems — a subtle reference to Walt's naked supermarket romp while in a supposed fugue state.

After the Wayfarer Flight 515 disaster, Carmen calls a school assembly for students to discuss their feelings. ("Let's keep it secular," she reminds one student who questions why God would allow such a tragedy.) Walt fidgets while students discuss the devastation, at one point grumbling "Jesus H. Christ." Hearing this, Carmen encourages Walt to express himself. "It's so good to have you back," she adds, handing him the microphone. Walt tries to downplay the crash, telling his incredulous audience that, "casualty-wise," it's "just the fiftieth-worst air disaster." Carmen retrieves the microphone after he suggests that "people move on," and they will too.

A short time later, Carmen calls Walt into her office to discuss his erratic behavior. "I can't begin to understand what you're going through," she says, but then reminds him of their responsibilities as educators. Moments later, Walt awkwardly tries to kiss her. Carmen backs away. "What's wrong with you?" she shouts. Later that day, Carmen places Walt on indefinite leave.


Carmen Molina Quotes

“Please feel comfortable coming to me with any problems, any issues. Anything at all. You know, completely confidential.”
Season 2, Episode 6: “Peekaboo”
“Let’s keep it secular, honey.”
Season 3, Episode 1: “No Mas”
“Walt, what’s wrong with you?!”
Season 3, Episode 4: “Green Light”