BadgerPlayed by Matt Jones


Brandon “Badger” Mayhew is one of Jesse's stoner friends. The two reconnect after Jesse runs into him on the street, where Badger was promoting a real estate company in a dollar-bill costume. After the first time Walt stops cooking, Jesse and Badger try to produce meth themselves -- but come to blows when Jesse tosses out the first two batches, claiming they're sub-standard.

When Walt and Jesse decide to control distribution themselves, Badger becomes one of their dealers. Things go smoothly until he’s busted by an undercover cop. The DEA becomes involved, and Hank Schrader offers Badger a sweet deal if he'll give up his supplier. Walt and Jesse hire Saul Goodman to defend Badger. Saul arranges for the guys to pay an ex-convict to pretend to be Heisenberg, and Badger walks free.

Badger lays low for a while, but gets back in the game when Jesse starts skimming excess meth from Gus' superlab. Pretending to be in recovery, Badger and Skinny Pete attend Jesse's NA meetings and slyly hype the blue meth. However, the two begin following the 12-step program for real and can't bring themselves to undermine addicts attempting to stay clean.

"It's like shooting a baby in the face," says Badger.

Jesse falls apart after shooting Gale Boetticher and tempts Badger and Skinny Pete into using meth again. Craving even more distraction, Jesse throws a multi-day drug party that wears both his friends out.

Later on, Jesse enlists Badger and Skinny Pete to buy four giant roadie cases to house his new mobile lab. When they ask Jesse to be included in the new operation, he hesitates… then turns them down.