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Feb 5 ’12 - Dec 31 ’14
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    U.S. Marshals

    Today 8:00pm | 7:00C

    A chief deputy (Tommy Lee Jones) and his team pursue an escaped fugitive (Wesley Snipes) accused of killing two government agents. more »

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    Mission: Impossible III

    Tomorrow 11:00pm | 10:00C

    Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) squares off with a ruthless broker of arms and information. more »

  • The.Last.Samurai.120

    The Last Samurai

    April 30 8:30pm | 7:30C

    A Westerner (Tom Cruise) learns the ways of the samurai in the 1870s. more »

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    Die Hard

    May 1 6:30pm | 5:30C

    A New York policeman (Bruce Willis) outwits foreign thugs holding his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and others in a Los Angeles high-rise. more »

  • 00576811_.jpg

    Die Hard With a Vengeance

    May 2 6:30pm | 5:30C

    Suspended from the police force, John McClane (Bruce Willis) enlists a Harlem shopkeeper (Samuel L. Jackson) to help stop a terrorist bomber (Jeremy Irons). more »

U.S. Marshals Ultimate Fan Game


U.S. Marshals is a spin-off of which hit action movie?
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Mission: Impossible III Ultimate Fan Game


Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) works for what organization?
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Tom Cruise Ultimate Fan Game


Which foreign country has a “Tom Cruise Day”?
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Die Hard Ultimate Fan Game


Die Hard was supposed to be a sequel to what Schwarzenegger movie?
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Story Notes Blog Posts

Story Notes Blog Posts


Online versions of the real time trivia and facts seen during your favorite Story Notes movies.