Fear Friday

Mar 28 ’11 - Mar 31 ’15

  • 915703_011.jpg

    Hannibal Rising

    Saturday 2:30am | 1:30C

    Trauma endured during World War II warps young Hannibal Lecter’s (Gaspard Ulliel) mind. more »

  • Scary.Movie.2.120

    Scary Movie 2

    May 3 2:00am | 1:00C

    A professor tricks four teenagers into visiting his haunted mansion for a sleep-deprivation study. more »

  • the_skeleton_key_120

    The Skeleton Key

    May 10 2:00am | 1:00C

    A nurse (Kate Hudson) works in a New Orleans house with an odd history. more »

  • 014825_47.jpg

    Hollow Man

    May 17 3:30am | 2:30C

    A scientist (Kevin Bacon) tests an invisibility serum, with horrific results. more »


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