AMC War Heroes Marathon

Apr 1 ’12 - May 30 ’13


Greatest War Movies List

George C. Scott in Patton

What’s the greatest war movie? Apocalypse Now? The Green Berets? Vote now »

War Movies Ultimate Fan Quiz


Which big budget war flick had a five million dollar premiere party? Take Quiz »

WWII Movies Ultimate Fan Quiz

Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor

Which war movie features a “bunch of psychopathic deformities”? Take Quiz »

Heartbreak Ridge Ultimate Fan Game


How well do you know this Clint Eastwood movie? Take Quiz »

The Dirty Dozen Ultimate Fan Quiz

Dirty Dozen

Which member of the Dirty Dozen is the only one to survive the entire movie? Take Quiz »

Apocalypse Now Ultimate Fan Quiz

Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now

Which actor suffered a heart attack while filming Apocalypse Now? Take Quiz »

John Wayne Ultimate Fan Game


Which Wayne war flick took place on a submarine?
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