Frequently Asked Questions

What tv channel is AMC on in my area?

To find AMC on your cable provider or television service, we have a channel finder. The channel finder is available from the schedule page.

How do I get AMC?

AMC is available in nearly 96 million U.S. households (Source: Nielsen Media Research) via cable and satellite services. If you live in the U.S. and subscribe to one of those services, you probably already have AMC. To find out definitely, and to determine what channel number has been assigned to us in your area, contact your local cable operator or satellite provider.

When is my favorite movie on?

You can check to see when a favorite movie or original production will air by consulting our site's search feature. Simply enter the title into the SEARCH box and click GO. If the show is on the schedule within the next 30 days, it will appear with the airing date and time.

If a show is not listed, it means that it is not currently scheduled. In that case, your best bet is to check back periodically to see if it has been added.

Can I get programming reminders?

If you've found the title on our schedule using the steps shown above, you can get an email reminder. Just click on the "remind me" button next to the show listing on the Schedule or Movie Detail page and you can schedule a reminder from one day to 2 weeks in advance.

How can I see movies in letterbox format?

Whenever possible, when we acquire a film, we try to acquire it in both versions -- letterbox (the way the movie was shown when released in theaters) and full screen (compressed for TV viewing). We do our best to balance the enjoyment of both camps.

What happened to the AMC Magazine?

AMC no longer publishes a magazine. Read below to find out how to subscribe to our monthly newsletters.

To keep apprised of what's on air and online at AMC, click here to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and primetime schedule grid.

How can I unsubscribe?

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, click "unsubscribe" located in the bottom area of the last newsletter you receive and follow the steps.

Where can I buy the movies you air on AMC?

If the movies you're looking for have been released on DVD, visit our Shop AMC section to search for a title, or request a title to be carried in our online store.

Why did AMC change its format from airing older classic movies?

In October, 2002, AMC changed its format from a classic movie channel to a broader-based movie network to appeal to a larger audience, including younger folks. We have refreshed our movie library to add some newer titles to the mix, but still feature a wide range of movies.

Why did AMC add commercials?

By adding advertising to our schedule, AMC generates additional revenue that enables us to provide a broader range of movies and original programming to our viewers. AMC carries among the fewest commercials per hour of any basic cable channel.

Will AMC be re-broadcasting or airing new episodes of "Remember WENN"?

There are no plans to re-broadcast or produce additional episodes of "Remember WENN," nor is it available for purchase.

Will AMC air The Three Stooges or The Little Rascals again?

We have no plans to air The Little Rascals in the near future. Generally speaking, we are trying to focus on more movies, more movie-related programming and AMC Originals. That said, you can find The Three Stooges video online. Click here to watch Stooges video.

Does AMC edit movies for content?

Yes. Like most advertiser-supported networks, AMC edits programming for certain "objectionable" content, including nudity and offensive language. As a national network available on basic cable, AMC adheres to standards that will be acceptable to the majority of our viewers, our sponsors and our cable and satellite affiliates. Whenever possible, the movie studios provide us with TV-ready versions of their movies designed to be acceptable to most TV networks.

Which AMC shows are closed-captioned?

You can always count on AMC originals being closed-captioned. AMC is committed to the provision of closed captioning for our hearing-impaired viewers and we are diligently working towards closed captioning all of our films in license. Each month, we attempt to add more titles to the listing of films offered in the closed-caption format.

How do I submit story or show ideas to AMC?

Due to a number of factors, including volume of mail, and legal issues, AMC cannot accept unsolicited creative ideas or materials.

How do I apply for a job at AMC?

Click here to access job listings for open positions throughout AMC Network Entertainment, LLC., including AMC.

Where do I find corporate information about AMC?

Please see About AMC for information on our history.

How can I find out more information about mobile at AMC?

For any questions related to mobile, please send an email to